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New Paper: The IBS Effect: Mean Reversion in Equity ETFs

I finally finished the first draft of my IBS paper. The results are quite interesting and extremely relevant if you trade equity ETFs. You can read it here.


I investigate mean reversion in equity ETF prices at the daily frequency by employing a simple technical indicator, Internal Bar Strength (IBS). IBS is based on the position of the day’s close in relation to the day’s range. I use it to forecast close-to-close returns with statistically and economically significant results for most instruments. A simple strategy based on IBS generates an average alpha of over 30% p.a. before transaction costs. I show that equity index ETFs have had strong and consistent mean reverting tendencies since the 90s, and that these effects can be exploited as part of a profitable trading strategy. The IBS effect is stronger during times of high volatility, in bear markets, after high-range days, after high-volume days, and early in the week.

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Some of the interesting things you’ll find within:


IBS plotted against average close-to-close returns.


Cumulative NQ returns at 5 minute intervals after IBS < 0.2 at 15:00 CT.


Equity curves of a simple RSI(3) strategy on QQQ, with and without IBS filter.

 Update: the comparison chart for the Australian ETF now correctly uses EWA instead of EWO (the Austrian ETF).

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